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About Network Alarm

In February 2014, two security consultants were hired to evaluate a network in a medical practice for signs of a potential security compromise. The consultants discovered that seven hackers had gained access to the client's servers over an eight month period of time, with no one working in the practice having any idea that hackers had gained access to their systems. The hackers created new accounts, installed malware on their systems, stole access credentials, and processed several thousand stolen credit cards over a weekend using their servers. No one inside the company had any idea that criminals had taken control of their systems.

The damage was documented and evidence was collected. The threats were removed from the servers and the other computers on the network. As a follow up request, the client asked for recommendations for an application or service that would prevent this kind of thing from happening again. After an exhaustive search, the consultants could not find a single solution to actively monitor for threats that the medical practice could actually afford. Security software is expensive and it requires highly trained personnel to use it. Managed security service provider (MSSP) services were too expensive because they are focused only on very large businesses and governmental agencies.

The two consultants saw this as an opportunity and founded Network Alarm to build a solution that would provide an affordable 24x7 computer security monitoring service to small and medium size businesses. Red Gravity is that service, built from the ground up to perform active intrusion monitoring for small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price. Red Gravity works much like a burglar/fire alarm service, except that instead of monitoring doorways and rooms, Red Gravity monitors computers and networks.

Red Gravity is more than an intrusion detection system. We know what your office hours are, so we monitor any unscheduled access on all of your computers. We look for changes in accounts, login attempts and failures, new services, the installation of new programs and attempts to run unusual programs. We can even detect technical problems with your systems and report them to your IT support staff. Red Gravity does not read the data on your network -- instead, it monitors for known events on the computers that connect to the network. Our technology is state-of-the-art for monitoring, detecting and mitigating potential threats.

Our goal is to keep our clients safe 24x7. When security anomalies are detected, we can alert you via email, SMS text messages or via phone call. Our service is designed to work with your IT support company or IT support staff, so the right people can respond quickly to address the issue and mitigate threats. Best of all, the price for our service is very reasonable and will not break your budget.

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