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Active Monitoring for Computer and Network Intrusions

According to the FBI in October 2014, "it is not a matter of if you will be hacked, but a matter of when you will be hacked".

No network is safe from being hacked. Large companies understand this and they have the resources to acquire tools, software and personnel to monitor and protect themselves. However, smaller companies cannot afford to acquire the resources and expertise necessary to monitor and protect their networks on their own. This makes small businesses ideal targets for hackers to exploit. Red Gravity is the solution to this problem.


The Threat is Real

Medical practitioners, accounting firms, law firms and other small businesses are valuable, easy targets for hackers because they hold critical client information, and most do not have active intrusion detection monitoring.

Medical and Dental practices have become prime targets as stolen patient information can earn large sums of money on the black market -- as much as $500 per record! Patient records contain all the information required to steal someone's identity, including hard-to-find family information, allowing hackers to commit insurance fraud, prescription fraud and identity fraud.

Hackers use automated tools to probe hundreds of thousands of networks on a daily basis, including yours, looking for vulnerabilities. In addition, they can use malware inside email messages, links to compromised websites, or even social engineering tactics to infect computers on your network. Once they are inside, they can easily penetrate the rest of your network and compromise client and company information.


Time Matters

Network Alarm Corporation's Red Gravity security service monitors your network for intrusions and malicious behavior twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Red Gravity system provides active monitoring without requiring the client to manage the intrusion detection system.

Red Gravity 24x7 monitoring can immediately alert the client, or their technical support staff, at the first sign of a security incident, providing ample time to mitigate the attack. Network Alarm's experienced security professionals review the alerts as they occur in real time and can provide technical assistance to your IT staff to identify and resolve security issues.


Manual Monitoring
Does Not Work

Once a hacker gets inside your network, they can utilize a variety of tools to scan for systems, locate databases and compromise user accounts. Unless you are using automated tools to monitor activity on your systems, it is likely this kind of compromise will go unnoticed for a long time. Anti-virus programs are not written to detect this kind of activity, and manually checking systems for evidence of compromise is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Red Gravity will tell you when new programs and services get installed on your systems. Red Gravity will tell you when user accounts are created or account permissions are modified. Red Gravity can tell you when activity is occurring outside of normal office hours. Red Gravity can detect when port scans are executed inside your network, or priviledged tools are used to access the network. Red Gravity will notify you by email, SMS text messages, or phone calls within seconds of detecting suspicious activity. You need Red Gravity.


Instant Notification

Red Gravity can detect security anomalies and notify critical staff within seconds via email, SMS text, or phone calls. This provides ample time to identify and mitigate security issues.

Active Monitoring

Anti-virus programs are not designed to detect network intrusions, and manually checking systems for evidence of compromise is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.                                

Simple and Powerful

Red Gravity is easy to install, requires very little configuration, and comes with all of the components necessary to protect your network. We provide the expertise to evaluate threats and keep you safe.

We Work With Your IT
Support Staff

Red Gravity works with your current IT support staff, or IT support organization, and does not replace what you are doing now. Red Gravity easily integrates with your network and augments any existing security tools you are using. If your organization does not have IT support, Network Alarm can refer you to one of our partner organizations.